Hüverland is a company driven by passion, connection and coexistence with nature. This way of being is what moves us, and it is thinking about the harmony between people, animals and nature that we develop our products.

The Hüverland team is aware of the times and the importance of ensuring the well-being of future generations and the environment around us. In this sense, we work focused on our current well-being, but thinking about our planet of tomorrow.

If we want to continue to appreciate Biodiversity as we know it, we need to act now because it is now generally known that environmental problems that are growing from day to day, such as global warming, ozone layer degradation, among others, caused by actions promoted by man, such as:

- Pollution, caused by greenhouse gases released by fires, means of transport, transformation of raw materials, etc.

- Garbage and waste in the oceans in remote locations, derived from the lack of training in people on what to do at the end of a product´s life cycle, where to place the packaging, how to separate the various materials that make up a product and its packaging, etc ...

These phenomena have a significant impact on nature and biodiversity, also changing the way we live, because the consequences are inevitable, whether through floods, arid and infertile soils, lack of agricultural products due to acid rain, increased UV rays, threats of extinction of many animals in the wild world of all kinds, and many more, which unfortunately we could continue to list ...

These changes will be agents of forced change, which will incite the need for people to migrate to other areas. Several species of animals will be affected, threatened and consequently extinct, which will be reflected in biodiversity, ceasing to exist the world as we know it today.

That is why our mission is to promote and encourage a sustainable mode of production, positively influencing the consumer and the industry. Therefore, Huverland has in its portfolio ecological and sustainable products, reducing the environmental impact, developed with high quality standards to satisfy the most demanding markets.

Thus, it is possible to implement a new way of thinking about the circular economy, through the development, transformation, and shipping of products, in order to minimize waste and reuse the old, transforming it into the new.

Our vision is strongly linked to long-term sustainability through the constant search for raw materials, technologies and the creation of ecologically viable, sustainable products with a low carbon footprint.

Elucidate, influence and sensitize the value chain to choose products consciously developed, so that they are used for purposes and objectives, so that at the end of the life cycle they are consciously dismantled, in a sustainable and efficient way, thinking of everyone.

Only in this way is it possible to serve our customers with sustainable and responsible products, not only creating a trend that is necessarily the opposite of the current one, but also applying this trend in practice, so as not to mortgage the future of the next generations with the degradation of a planet that we can still save.

Hüverland, strongly believes that more and more, there is an urgent need to create and adapt new products based on the following premises:


 - Recyclability / Reuse;

 - Concern with Eco design and Eco efficiency of products;

It is not enough to just create products from new materials. New methods have to be implemented in order to advise, clarify and make users aware of the management of environmental resources, saving them, reducing them and reusing them efficiently.

In view of this reality, the Hüverland team seeks to launch its products, not only in accordance with the standards in force, but to add guidelines and support to users so that they can do more and better that they keep their products for longer, thus directing them to a sustainable end of life.


Therefore, in order to win, we affirm not only that it is enough to sell the greatest number of products, but that when we sell the greatest number of products we will foster environmental and social awareness about sustainability, which is our point of differentiation. In addition to offering products with greater environmental awareness, we convey an important message about economics and sustainable ecology that each product requires to take care of nature.


Finally, but not less important, we are focused on and inspired by the philosophy of giving above all the best service experience, transversal to the most demanding users, "The best user experience", which consists mainly in the objective of winning people over for quality and of our products, without neglecting our essence - the reason for our existence: Providing a new experience of use to our users through differentiated and consciously developed products.

About that, we think that sustainability comes with cooperation between people that want to grow this mind set, so we are always creating new paths among those who want to come along with us on this journey, like the project greenify, made by Sylvia van Can and their team (https://www.project-greenify.com/), so if you want to know more about how to be more sustainable, you can check out their news with very usefull tips and other kind of products beside Hüverland.

Hüverland - Create new paths