What is the minimum value in order to take advantage of free shipping?

The minimum value for free shipping is 150 € for mainland Portugal, 200 € for Portuguese islands and 200 € for the rest of Europe, excluding European islands; (No shipping costs included).


What is the cost of shipping an order?

For Portugal, the value of the shipping costs depends on the volume and weight of the orders, which may range from € 6.9 to € 18.45. (€ 14.5 to € 21 on the islands).

For the European community, except islands, the values ??may vary between 29.5 € and 44.5 €.

For the rest of the world, please consult us and we will analyze it case by case.

Please note that shipping costs are free for orders with a value equal to or greater than 150 € PT Continental / 200 € Islands and the rest of Europe, excluding European islands; (Shipping costs excluded).


What is the estimated delivery time after finalizing and paying for the order?

If payment was made by bank transfer, the order will only be processed after confirmation of good receipt of payment. (This confirmation may take up to 3 business days).

If the payment was made by Ref. MB, MB Way, Credit Card or Paypal, the shipment will be made within 48 hours after confirmation of payment of the order.

After a good confirmation of the payment of the order, the shipment may take between 48 and 72 hours to reach its destination.

For more distant countries, in rare cases, the deadlines may extend up to 96 hours.


What are the possibilities for returning my items?

You have 15 days after receiving your order to return the items. The refund will be made through IBAN, which will be requested to the customer through email contact (keep your email updated in your customer account).

In the case of items such as masks, underwear and intimate accessories, they are not eligible for return.

Items can only be returned in the same condition as they were sent, without any defects, marks or stains from use, etc.


When can I exchange my items?

The possibility of exchanging your items is only valid when you want to exchange for another size or color of the same item, or when the item is not in compliance and / or has a defect.

In the case of masks, underwear and intimate accessories, these are not eligible for exchanges.

Items can only be returned in the same condition as they were sent, without any defects, marks or stains from use, etc.


How do I return or exchange an item?

There are several ways to return your items. You can choose the one that suits you:

- Get in touch with us to streamline the return process, through info@huverland.com

By sending us the order duly identified with all related data by the applicant (Name, address, contacts, reason, etc.), through the following address:

Rua das Lagomas, Nº35, Bloco C, 1º Dto.

3720-724 - São Roque, Oliveira de Azeméis


How to exchange or return?

Pack the items you want to return / exchange in properly closed packaging (you can use the original packaging), together with the return / exchange slip.

Talk to us about the exchange request and we will schedule the product collection.


How do I know when I will be refunded?

The refund of returned items will be made after receiving your items and their due treatment and checks by our services.

For a quicker refund, please keep your personal details up to date and check your email inbox regularly, as this is the method by which we communicate and check the refund status.


How can I receive my order?

- In the PICKUP Points of the carriers, which will be indicated after the order is sent:

When your order arrives at the Pickup Point of your choice, you will receive an SMS or email notifying you that your order is already available for pickup (keep your details up to date). If you have not given us your mobile phone number or email, you will receive a warning card at your home. Proceed with the withdrawal, within a maximum period of 8 days, accompanied by the Identity Card or Citizen Card.

- In your home:

The order will be delivered to the address on our database. If you are not at the address you indicate to us, at the time of delivery, you will receive a notice to pick up your pickup point order from the carrier that serves your address during the following 8 days.


Can I ask for my order to be delivered to an address other than my home?

Yes, at the time of ordering, you just need to tell us the address where you want to receive the order.


How to track my order?

Between the date of the order and the receipt of the same, you can easily follow the status of your order. Use the "Tracking number" of the order given to you in the shipping confirmation email, together with the respective carrier data.