Patchwork Set - Bag & Wallet

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Set of bag with wallet for lady.


(VAT Included)

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Bag dimensions: Length 340mm x Width 180mm x Height 200mm

Bag weight: 610g

Handbag with protection by external locks; (Main compartment and outer + inner pocket)

Case with lap strap included for more practical use;

Light and resistant;


Wallet dimensions: Length 185mm x Width 120mm x Height 30mm

Weight: 235g

Wallet with push-button protection in two sections:

- Section: Banknotes and coins;

- Section 2: Cards and documents;

Wallet with internal coin purse, place for business and credit cards, place for notes and also small documents. (Receipts, Receipts, etc.).

Easy and practical access;

Light and resistant;


Both Products can be sold separately:

- `Patchwork´ bag ref: 002APPAFCRKNTMET006

- Patchwork wallet ref: 002APPAFCRKNTMET007


Both products are:

100% Vegan and free of animal tissue;

Developed using 100% natural cork;

Carefully manufactured by hand;

Easy to clean;

Made in Portugal



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