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Roasting Tray in borosilicate glass with high transparency and thermal resistance with cork base


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Advantages of purchasing this product:

Aesthetically appealing product, which combines with any space due to its elegance provided by the use of sustainable and noble materials such as cork and glass.

Borosilicate glass, in addition to its thermal properties, also offers an excellent finish in accordance with the original design of the piece, allowing, through the transparency it offers, good control over the composition of the cooking and excellent aesthetic visibility of the cooking, in order to open the appetite of whoever is at the table.

Cork serves as a complementary base for this product and is an asset in serving at the table, as it provides the possibility of being a table base developed with refinement and specific elegance for the tray, while protecting not only the user when handling it. in hot without burning, as well as the table from the heat of the roasting pan. What’s more, thanks to the excellent properties of cork, heat is not quickly wasted as it is trapped between the tray and the cork base, thus keeping food warmer for much longer, allowing for tasty meals for much longer.


Roasting Tray / Tray Set in high thermal resistance glass with table and transport support base, in 100% natural cork with waterproof coating - Information;

Ideal for 4 - 6 people;

Excellent for cooking food and recipes in the oven, the high-quality borosilicate glass construction dish can reach temperatures of 300°C for the preparation of the most demanding cooking;

They guarantee good resistance to handling and handling during cooking;

It can also be used to freeze preparations down to -20ºC;

It offers great versatility in use as it can be used in the oven (gas, wood or electric), on the ceramic hob, on the embers (not directly applied);

It is not recommended to use this equipment in direct contact with a flame source (stove due to the rapid creation of thermal variation that can affect safety and also due to thermal inefficiency during use);


About cork pieces:

Cork pieces are 100% Vegan and free of any animal tissue;

Natural raw material extracted without damaging the cork oak tree;

Creates the advantage of being a recyclable product;

Offers good resistance during use and is also very light;

Made in Portugal;


Set weight: 2.1kg;

Dimensions of the crossbeam:

- 1.8 kg;

- Length 400mm x Width 250mm x Height 60mm;

- Can be used in microwave ovens, ovens (gas, wood or electric) and ceramic hobs;

- It is not recommended for use in environments above 300ºC;

- Can be used in the freezer down to -20°C;

- Can be washed in the dishwasher;


Cautions when using for glass tray:

- After use, do not subject to thermal contrast:

If used in a heat source, do not place in water or cold surfaces afterwards;

If used in cold conditions, do not place on hot surfaces or direct heat sources afterwards;


Care to be taken when using cork pieces:

- Do not take it to the washing machine;

- Keep dry whenever possible;

- Wash and clean manually with a cloth dampened in water;

- Use neutral pH soap;

- Do not place in an oven, microwave or any other heat source;



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