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´The Three Trivets´ - Triple base in separate modules for table

Bar and TableRef. 003KTCHUCRKNTMET003

´The Three Trivets´ - Triple base in separate modules for table, developed in cork. Ideal for protecting delicate surfaces from contact with pans, platters, baking sheets, etc.


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About this product

Triple base set in cork to protect all types of surfaces from physical and thermal contact with pans, platters, roasting pans, etc.

Product developed through sustainable awareness;

This product is ideal for all types of professional or relaxed events, whether in private dinners, restaurants, wineries and events, for example.

Product fully developed in 100% natural cork;

Easy to clean with a cloth dampened with water and neutral pH soap, when cold;

100% Vegan product, free of any plant tissue;

Soft to touch finish, non-abrasive when in contact with other surfaces. (Protects surfaces in contact).

Product developed under fair working conditions.

Good strength and great durability;

100% Recyclable and developed using renewable materials;

Made in Portugal;