Brown Desert Rose - Cork sneakers for Women



Developed in cork fabric throughout its body, this shoe is defined by the brownish, golden details of the laces and the white colored sole with a 3D relief pattern. This sneaker with a casual style with a strong and distinctive character, is inspired by the natural phenomenon that happens in the deserts, called “Desert Rose”. This phenomenon consists in the development of a rare mineral that develops in the dry sands in deserts that occasionally rain, in which the combination between the humidity of the rain and the dry environment, cause the plaster crystals to form grains of sand that are retained over time. The contrast of this event inspired the creation of this product, due to the simplicity of its shapes and colors, thus inspiring the creation of a simple and beautiful sneaker, then the “Brown Desert Rose“



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This pair of shoes was designed and developed consciously, thinking about the well being of the entire value chain:

-Sneakers with great aesthetic sense, predominantly simple character, emphasizing Design in its maximum exponent, prioritizing comfort and pleasure during use;

-Sporty and elegant casual style, sustainable innovation, ergonomics, and conscious development, in one shoe.

-100% Vegan product, free of animal tissues;

-Product developed with recycled and recyclable components; (Its components after the end of the product’s life, can be reused to help develop new components, minimizing waste, maximizing efficiency);

-Product developed through fair and safe working conditions;

Other attributes:

-The materials used allow the foot to breathe well inside, due to the breathable inner lining;

- Hypoallergenic materials;

-Provide water resistance;

- They provide excellent comfort during use due to the good elasticity of the materials;

-Ergonomically designed with contact with the foot and well-being during use, being light so as not to disturb during daily use;

-Materials with good wear resistance, maximizing durability;

-Materials chosen carefully, rewarding exclusivity, sustainability and aesthetic sense;

-Easy to clean and maintain;

-Quality construction with great attention to detail.

-Carefully manufactured by hand.

-Made in Portugal

* Fits perfectly to the chosen size;


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