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Small protection mask, in cork 8 colors

Protection masksRef.

Small size textile cork protective mask with certified fabric filter. (Filter fabric certified against Covid-19)



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About this product

Ideal mask for children or people with a small face / head.

Dimensions: Width 160mm X Height 110mm

Weight: 25g

Washable and reusable mask; (Manual or cold machine wash);

Developed and lined inside, carefully with certified, washable and reusable fabric;

100% Vegan and free of animal tissue;

Ergonomic mask, moldable to the face, does not hurt;

Minimalist style and unique design for daily social use;

Made using 100% natural cork;

Light and resistant;

Developed with hypoallergenic materials;

Carefully manufactured by hand;

Available in 8 different colors;

Protection and transport bag available in 8 colors; (Sold separately);

Fabric characteristics:

Double layer fabric;

Inner layer with a density of 230 g / m2

Outer layer with density of 100g / m2

Fabric approved against Covid19.

6529/2020 CITEVE

Level 3 raw material for masks.