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Travel Bag - Sustainable brown color cork bag

Travel BagsRef. 002APPAUCRKMCMET001

Bag - Sustainable brown cork travel bag with large storage capacity


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About this product

Dimensions: Length 480mm x Width 340mm x Height 290mm

Weight: 1,400g

Bag developed using 100% natural cork, with brown tint;

Access to the main compartment with lock for greater security;

Transport handles can be attached via buttons for greater transport convenience;

Usability of the bag easy, practical, organized and safe;

Ample internal storage and pockets equipped with and without a protective lock;

Includes removable ergonomic adjustment handle;

100% vegan and free of animal fabric or fibers;

Large, robust and resistant travel bag;

Excellent option for people who travel constantly who are concerned with image, organization and sustainability;

Product carefully made by hand;

Easy to clean and conserve;

Made in Portugal;