`The Corksters´ - Cork Coaster for 6 glasses with different patterns

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`The Corksters´ - Developed in natural cork, this set of 6 bases, each with a different pattern, comes equipped with a storage dock, ensuring excellent storage for the entire set.


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Set of cork bases for 6 glasses with different patterns, developed through sustainable awareness and ideal for all types of professional or casual events, whether in wine cellars, restaurants, wineries and events, as well as in domestic use.

Can be used for promotion and demonstration of beverages, whiskey and spirits glasses, cups or mugs in shop windows.

Product fully developed in 100% natural cork;

Easy to clean with a cloth dampened with water and neutral pH soap, when cold;

100% Vegan product, free of any plant tissue;

Soft to touch finish, non-abrasive when in contact with other surfaces. (Protects surfaces in contact).

Product developed under fair working conditions.

Good strength and great durability;

100% Recyclable and developed using renewable materials;

Made in Portugal;


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