`The Two Fiesta´- Set of 2 olive bowls plus a cork base

Bar and Table


`The Two Fiesta´- Set consisting of two glass bowls for olives and their respective pits and a cork base.


(VAT Included)

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Ideal table set for all types of meals consisting of:

- 2 glass bowls for olives or other ingredients;

- 1 base for the 2 glass bowls with a refined finish made of natural cork;

Made from 100% natural cork;

Easy to clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and neutral pH soap, when cold;

100% Vegan product, free of animal tissue;

Cork base finish, soft to the touch, non-abrasive when in contact with other surfaces.

Product developed under fair working conditions.

Good strength and great durability;

100% Recyclable;

Developed in Portugal;


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